Operational Priority 5: Promoting Rural Development and Food Security

Institutional Document | September 2019

The fifth operational priority of Strategy 2030 calls for ADB to renew focus on rural development and improve market connectivity by transforming agricultural value-chain links.

This operational priority focuses on rural roads, market infrastructure, and agri-logistics centers and networks to enable the integration of producers, agribusinesses, and consumers in the national, regional, and global food systems. Reducing post-harvest losses and promoting agricultural value addition will help increase rural incomes and enhance food security in the region. Use of advanced technologies will assist in increasing factor productivity, ensuring sustainable use of land and water resources, enhancing food safety, and improving natural resource management.


  • Strategic operational priorities
  • Operational approaches
  • Implementation
  • Strategy 2030 operational priority results
  • Appendixes

Additional Details

  • ADB administration and governance
  • Strategy 2030

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