Strategy 2030 Sector Directional Guides: Overview

Institutional Document | January 2023

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has prepared Sector Directional Guides to support the seven operational plans under Strategy 2030.

As part of its Strategy 2030, ADB has set seven operational priorities, each with its own operational plan. To complement the operational plans in translating Strategy 2030 and its operational priorities into action at the sector level, ADB has prepared sector directional guides for Energy, Finance, Health, Transport, Urban, and Water sectors. The sector directional guides respond to emerging sector challenges and opportunities such as climate change, digital transformation, and a green, inclusive, and resilient post-COVID recovery.

The guides are designed to be living documents, to be updated as needed to remain relevant to the dynamic development context of Asia and the Pacific. 

This overview is provided for the seven-volume collection, Strategy 2030 Sector Directional Guides.


  • Introduction
  • Development Challenges Facing Asia and the Pacific
  • Summary of Individual Sector Directional Guides
  • Overarching Frames
  • Common Sector Guide Themes
  • Implementation Provisions
  • Way Forward

Additional Details

  • ADB administration and governance
  • Strategy 2030
  • 38

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