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Raising Development Impact through Evaluation

Strengthening Safeguard Capacity in the Pacific

Evaluation Document | 4 July 2019

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has undertaken diagnostic works and capacity support to strengthen safeguard capacity in the Pacific region under multiple technical assistance (TA) grants. This Technical Assistance Performance Evaluation Report evaluates eight TA projects that ADB provided for Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste, and Vanuatu. The total value was $2.6 million.

The evaluation assessed the overall performance of the TA projects less than successful. All eight TA projects were relevant, and efficient in the use of resources as there were relatively limited delays in most cases. They were, however, on balance less than effective in achieving the outcomes, and less than likely sustainable given the limited progress made after the TA projects were completed. The validation makes six recommendations for ADB’s future support in the Pacific: (i) develop the longterm vision and strategy for safeguards capacity strengthening; (ii) address the gaps in the environmental regulatory frameworks; (iii) conduct follow-up assessments on land issues; (iv) develop the framework and capacity for negotiated settlements; (v) conduct more pronounced indigenous peoples assessments and implementation; and (vi) continue to develop the common safeguards framework among development partners.