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Technical Assistance Completion Report Validation Guidelines

Institutional Document | July 2019

This guideline specifies framework for validating technical assistance completion reports (TCRs) to capture lessons learned from completed technical assistance (TA) operations and to improve accountability for achieving results, the quality of completion reports, and the independence of project ratings.

The validation of TCRs follows the principles, processes, and criteria for the validation of project ratings and for rating the quality of a project completion report. These guidelines apply to both core and non-core evaluation criterion for assessing public and private sector TA operations. Assessments using the core criteria of relevance, effectiveness, and efficiency provide insights into development results and TA performance. The non-core criterion of sustainability considers the likelihood that TA results will be sustained over time.


  • Introduction
  • Profile of Technical Assistance at the Asian Development Bank
  • Features of Technical Assistance Design, Implementation, and Completion
  • Technical Assistance Completion Report Validation Process
  • Validation Methodology
  • Validation Reporting and Dissemination
  • Appendixes