Technical Assistance Disbursement Handbook

Business Guide | July 2020

This handbook on disbursement policies, guidelines, procedures, and practices for technical assistance financing provided or administered by ADB is intended to guide staff and stakeholders on efficient and effective project implementation.

The Technical Assistance Disbursement Handbook contains important information and instructions for the efficient withdrawal of technical assistance (TA) funds by claimants, namely, consultants, executing agencies, cooperating institutions, and ADB staff. This handbook supersedes all previous guidelines and instructions on disbursement of TA funds and takes effect immediately.

The Controller's Department of ADB will update the handbook, as necessary, to reflect pertinent developments in ADB's policies and practices and publish the revised version online. The reader is advised to cross-reference to the related ADB documents as specified in Chapter 1, particularly the Operations Manual and Project Administration Instructions concerned, and to visit this site regularly for the handbook's latest version.


Appendix 3C - 1 of 2 Request for Closing a Technical Assistance Account
Appendix 3C - 2 of 2 Certificate of Turnover or Disposal of Technical Assistance Equipment and Vehicles Purchased
Appendix 4A - 1 of 2 Included in the Technical Assistance Report
Appendix 4A - 2 of 2 Workshops, Seminars, or Conferences
Appendix 4C - 2 of 4 Individual Consultant Claim, Non-technical Claims Partner Form
Appendix 4C - 3 of 4 Consulting Firms, Non-technical Assistance Claims Partner Form
Appendix 4C - 4 of 4 Payment Request Template, Nonconsulting Services
Appendix 4D - 2 of 6 Summary Sheet, Out-of-pocket Expenses
Appendix 4D - 3 of 6 Liquidation Form, Payment to Workshop's Participants
Appendix 4D - 4 of 6 Individual Consultant Timesheet, Non-technical Assistance Claims Partner
Appendix 4D - 5 of 6 Acknowledgement Receipt For Individual Workshop Participant
Appendix 4D - 6 of 6 Certification for Compliance of  Equipment
Appendix 5A - Technical Assistance Claim Review Checklist
Appendix 5C - 1 of 2 Advance Payment Facility
Appendix 5C - 2 of 2 Liquidation of Advance Form
Appendix 5D - Statement of Expenditures Sheet


  • The Handbook
  • Technical Assistance Operations at ADB
  • Technical Assistance Administration Policies and Guidelines
  • Technical Assistance Disbursement Processing Requirements
  • Disbursement Procedures
  • Appendixes