Timor-Leste: Country Strategy 2006-2010 - Final Review | Asian Development Bank

Timor-Leste: Country Strategy 2006-2010 - Final Review

Institutional Document | March 2011

This final review assesses the performance of the Asian Development Bank's country strategy for Timor-Leste for 2006-2010.

The review examines the country strategy's positioning, relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, and development impacts. Key lessons affecting performance are identified, along with follow-up actions that will improve the design and implementation of the next country strategy. As a country partnership strategy is yet to be prepared for Timor-Leste, the final review assesses the country strategy and the results framework for 2006-2010 provided by the country program and strategy update 2006-2008 and the country operations business plan 2008-2010.


  • Introduction
  • Assessment of the Country Strategy Performance
  • Key Lessons and Recommendations
  • Appendixes