Turkmenistan: Country Partnership Strategy (2017-2021)

Institutional Document | September 2017

ADB’s strategy for Turkmenistan will help the country become a key catalyst for regional cooperation and integration by repositioning it as a trade and transit hub and diversifying its markets.

This Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) defines ADB's strategic approach in Turkmenistan for 2017–2021. ADB engagement will leverage Turkmenistan’s strategic location and maximize its potential to play a pivotal role in regional cooperation and integration. Using the Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) as a platform, ADB additionality as an honest broker, will support closer economic relations between Turkmenistan and its neighboring countries through investments and knowledge support to strengthen connectivity and trade in the region. Regional natural gas, power interconnections, and transport projects will promote national development objectives such as diversification and create externalities such as regional energy security. 


  • Country at a Glance
  • Country Partnership Strategy Snapshot
  • Country Development Context
  • Country Strategy Framework
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Appendixes

Additional Details

  • Turkmenistan

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