Urban Financing Partnership Facility Mid-Year Report: January to June 2018

Institutional Document | August 2018

This report covers the activities of Urban Environmental Infrastructure Fund (UEIF) and the Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund (UCCRTF) from January to June 2018.

The report also gives a brief overview of the activities under the Cities Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA) program as it transitions into a trust fund under the Urban Financing Partnership Facility (UFPF).

As of 30 June 2018, UEIF has committed a total of $20.75 million for 48 projects and activities, of which 31 have been completed. Total disbursements from these projects and activities amounted to $10.9 million.

A total of 48 projects and activities financed by UEIF include six investment grants, 22 technical assistance projects, and 20 direct charge activities. Of the 31 completed activities, 14 are direct charge activities and 17 are technical assistance initiatives.

Project investment grants continue to take the bulk of the entire UEIF fund, accounting for 51% out of the $20.75 million committed financing. In terms of fund distribution among regional departments, Southeast Asia received about $5.92 million (29%) of UEIF funding support, followed closely by East Asia with $5.91 million (28%).


  • Introduction
  • Urban Environmental Infrastructure Fund
  • Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund
  • Cities Development Initiative for Asia Trust Fund 

Additional Details

  • ADB funds and products
  • Cofinancing
  • Urban development

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