Urban Operational Plan 2012–2020

Institutional Document | March 2013

The Urban Operational Plan addresses the environmental (green), equity (inclusiveness), and economic (competitiveness) issues, and sets out future direction toward efficient, sustainable, and equitable development of cities.

This Urban Operational Plan (UOP) sets out the future direction and approach for the urban sector operations of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), one that will proactively respond to current and anticipated future needs by effectively addressing the investment opportunities and programmatic issues hindering the efficient, sustainable, and equitable development of cities and the financially sustainable investments on which this development depends. This approach would take into consideration the stages of development and the strategic priorities in the concerned developing member countries (DMCs).

The UOP will provide ADB Management and staff with a framework to formulate specific operational activities to achieve sustainable urban development.

The UOP focuses on three innovative approaches to guide such development while seeking to "get ahead of the curve" in terms of supporting the adoption of cutting-edge planning, technology, and financial products. Under ADB's Strategy 2020, cities constitute a key focus—specifically in terms of promoting livable cities that are competitive, socially inclusive, and environmentally attractive—and have a sound fiscal base.

Through dialogue with its DMCs, ADB will lay the basis for transformation of the current urban sector portfolio, reorienting operations to a more integrated approach to urban investment that will have both systemic benefits and improve the quality of life in the urban regions, particularly for the poor. This will be achieved through a geographically focused involvement with a wider range of public and private partners and by using ADB's resources to leverage a wider range, and increased quantum, of funds.


  • Aligning ADB's Urban Operations with Strategy 2020
  • Reconceiving Urbanization and Cities in Developing Asia
  • ADB's Performance in the Urban Sector
  • Planning and Investing in Infrastructure and Services for Sustainable Urban Systems
  • The UOP Framework for Planning Programs/Projects and Achieving Results
  • UOP Dissemination and Implementation Arrangements
  • Resources and Partnerships
  • Appendixes

Additional Details

  • ADB administration and governance
  • Urban development
  • RPS135428
  • 978-92-9092-995-6 (print)
  • 978-92-9092-996-3 (web)

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