Uzbekistan: Country Partnership Strategy (2012-2016)

Institutional Document | August 2012

This country partnership strategy (CPS) defines ADB's strategic approach in Uzbekistan for 2012-2016, aligned with Strategy 2020, the country's own development strategy, ADB's comparative strengths, and complement efforts by its development partners.

This CPS supports Uzbekistan's transformation into a modern industrial and service economy through sustained and inclusive growth, a reduction in poverty, and expanded regional cooperation. Strategic assistance to be provided under the CPS will catalyze industrial development, accelerate economic diversification, promote private sector development, ensure climate-resilient investment, and create new jobs for women and men.

This document is being disclosed to the public prior to Board consideration in accordance with ADB's Public Communications Policy (2011). Subject to any revisions required following Board consideration, this document is deemed final.


  • Country at a Glance
  • Development Trends
  • The Country Strategy
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Results Management
  • Appendixes