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Uzbekistan: Surkhandarya Water Supply and Sanitation Project

Evaluation Document | 3 April 2017

ONGOING EVALUATION.  This evaluation approach paper elaborates the approach for the evaluation and outlines the scope, data sources, and indicative schedule and resource requirements.for the evaluation of the project. The evaluation will assess whether the project has achieved its stated objectives in relation to elevating operational efficiency and management performance of water supply and sanitation services through safe, reliable, and sustainable delivery of services in the target urban centers of Surkhandarya Province. To this end, the project performance evaluation report will examine project formulation, design (including the validity of ADB’s theory of change for the design), implementation, sustainability, and assess project performance taking into account outcome indicators realized since completion, and whether there were any unintended consequences. The report will provide insights to help improve the design and effectiveness of future ADB water supply and sanitation projects. The findings and lessons drawn from the evaluation will feed into the forthcoming Country Partnership Strategy Final Review Validation for Republic of Uzbekistan programmed for delivery in 2018.