Viet Nam: Environment and Climate Change Assessment

Institutional Document | June 2013

This environment and climate change thematic paper highlights development issues, needs, and strategic assistance priorities of Viet Nam and the Asian Development Bank.

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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is preparing sector assessments, thematic papers, strategies, and road maps to help align future ADB support with the needs and strategies of developing member countries and other development partners. A thematic paper is a working document that addresses a crosscutting theme to help inform the development of country partnership strategies.

This environment and climate change thematic paper highlights development issues, needs, and strategic assistance priorities of Viet Nam and ADB, focusing on environmentally sustainable growth during the 2012-2015 country partnership strategy period. It analyzes priority development constraints, the government's strategy and plans, other development partner support, lessons learned from past ADB support, and possible future ADB assistance. The product serves as a basis for further dialogue on how ADB and the government can work together to tackle the challenges of climate change and environmental sustainability in the coming years.


A key challenge for Viet Nam is to manage its rapid economic development in a sustainable manner and to prevent adverse impacts of environmental degradation and climate change. Industrialization, urbanization, and agricultural intensification have had harmful effects on air, land, and water, and have far-reaching implications for the energy and transport sectors leading to increased greenhouse gas emissions and reduced resilience to climate change.

Viet Nam is extremely vulnerable to climate change impacts given its extensive coastline and river deltas, and highlands that have poor water retention capacity and are susceptible to severe erosion. Reducing environmental degradation and improving resilience to climate change can have mutually reinforcing benefits for sustainability if effectively managed. Adaptation planning to improve resilience should contribute to ecological sustainability - acknowledging that long-term resilience is built on resilient natural systems - and not simply increase the capacity of infrastructure to absorb more damage.


  • Introduction
  • Environment and Climate Change in Viet Nam: Issues and Challenges
  • Institutional Framework for Environment and Climate Change
  • Environmental and Climate Change Mainstreaming
  • ADB's Support Program
  • Development Cooperation
  • Mapping an ADB Strategy for Viet Nam Operations
  • Moving from Strategy to Action
  • Guiding Principles
  • Appendixes
  • References

Additional Details

  • Climate change
  • Environment
  • Viet Nam
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