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Viet Nam: Power Transmission Investment Program – Tranche 2

Evaluation Document | 18 September 2019

Designed as multitranche financing facility (MFF), the $730 million Power Transmission and Investment Program was approved in December 2011. Its objective was to enhance the transmission network’s capacity to balance power loads in northern, central, and southern Viet Nam, supporting the government’s development of the national power sector. The MFF was to be implemented in four tranches. Tranche 1 project closed in December 2016 and it enhanced the transmission networks in Ha Noi’s eastern side and in Ho Chi Minh City’s ring road network. This validation corresponds to tranche 2, which was approved in December 2012. This tranche was designed to help expand the major 500 kilovolt (kV) transmission backbone line connecting Central and South Viet Nam, and two 220 kV transmission lines in Ho Chi Minh City with substations. IED overall assessment: Successful.