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Viet Nam: Secondary Education Sector Development Program

Evaluation Document | 21 December 2017

The Government of Viet Nam initiated secondary education reforms to equip the labor force to take advantage of the opportunities offered by globalization, thereby increasing competitiveness while also ensuring inclusiveness. Consequently, the government sought financial and technical assistance from the Asian Development Bank to improve the quality and inclusiveness of the secondary education. The existing secondary education system had several weaknesses, particularly in information and communication technology and in foreign languages, which are deemed to reduce international competitiveness. 

The joint ADB–Government of Viet Nam agreed response was to launch the Secondary Education Sector Development Program, which aimed to improve learning outcomes and competitiveness of secondary school students. The $60 million program used a combination of program and project financing modalities (program loan of $20 million and project loan of $40 million). The loan modality was justified since Viet Nam was the only emerging Southeast Asian economy not to have gone into recession in 2009 following the 2007 global economic crisis

This report validates the completion report's assessment of the program. IED overall assessment: Successful