Voices from the Field: Country Partnership Strategy (2005-2009) Midterm Review

Institutional Document | September 2008

This publication summarizes the key discussions and feedback from the local level consultations and reflects the concerns and issues raised during the Nepal Resident Mission civil society consultations between January and April 2008.

Between January and April 2008, the Nepal Resident Mission organized regional consultations as part of the country partnership strategy 2005-2009 midterm review. The consultations aimed to assess the ground realities and gather the local stakeholders' perceptions of the strategy's underlying assumptions, particularly in light of changes in Nepal's political situation since the strategy was formulated in 2004. This publication summarizes the responses, key discussions, and concerns and issues raised during the local consultations.


  • Foreword
  • Map
  • Background
  • On the Right Track
  • After the Conflict: Renewed Hope and Challenges
  • Beyond Road Connectivity
  • Inclusion: The Call of New Nepal
  • Crops, Fruits, Livestock, and More
  • Investing in the Future
  • Harnessing the Himalayan Waters for Energy, Irrigation, and Drinking
  • Monitoring Results and Informed Planning