Voices from the Field: Nepal Country Partnership Strategy Stakeholder Consultations

Institutional Document | April 2014

This publication summarizes the key discussions during the consultations on ADB's Nepal Country Partnership Strategy, 2013-2017.

The publication records the responses, key discussions, concerns and issues raised in the consultations held during formulation of ADB's Nepal Country Partnership Strategy (CPS, 2013-2017). More than 300 representatives from community groups, civil society, nongovernment organizations, development partners, media, government, women, and youth had actively given their feedbacks on Nepal’s development priorities in the current context and the discussions were focused on how ADB could be most effective in supporting Nepal’s socioeconomic development in the challenging transitional period.


  • Where It Matters: Consultations on the Ground
  • “Lack of electricity is the main obstacle to development.”
  • “Focus should be on high-quality education and skills development.”
  • “Commercialization of agriculture can motivate the educated to return to the farm.”
  • “Growth should be inclusive.”
  • “Meaningful participation of women and disadvantaged groups should be promoted.”
  • “Community ownership is the key to sustainability.”
  • “Good governance would help minimize irregularities and increase accountability.”
  • “Donor investments in Nepal need to be climate resilient.”
  • “Strong partnerships can maximize opportunities.”
  • “Nepal needs political stability to grow.”

Additional Details

  • Nepal
  • ARM 136089-2

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