Water Financing Partnership Facility Annual Report 2017 | Asian Development Bank

Water Financing Partnership Facility Annual Report 2017

Institutional Document | February 2018

This annual report presents the Water Financing Partnership Facility's (WFPF) performance for 2017 against the annual work program and the cumulative performance to date.

The WFPF operations in 2017 adopted a judicious approach to allocating limited resources as was indicated in the Facility’s Annual Work Program. Notwithstanding, the Facility maintained its commitment to help sustain increased water investments to meet the Water Financing Program annual investment target, including to help achieve the envisioned broadening of ADB’s water portfolio.


  • Introduction
  • Highlights and Key Achievements
  • Results Framework
  • Financial Status
  • Management of the Facility
  • Relationship with Financing Partners
  • Lessons Learned, Experiences Gained, and Key Constraints
  • External Factors Relevant to the Facility 
  • Overview of 2018 Activities
  • Appendixes