Water Financing Partnership Facility Annual Report 2021

Institutional Document | June 2022

The Water Financing Partnership Facility (WFPF) Annual Report 2021 presents results and achievements based on the Facility's Results Framework 2021-2030, lessons learned, and ways forward for WFPF's continuing support for ADB's water operations.

The Water Financing Partnership Facility (WFPF) was established in November 2006 to support ADB’s Water Program 2006–2020, which aimed to boost investment in the water sector in Asia and the Pacific, accelerate policy and institutional reforms, and build the capacity of water sector organizations. WFPF consists of three trust funds: (i) Multidonor Trust Fund with contributions from the governments of Austria and Spain, (ii) Netherlands Trust Fund, and (iii) Sanitation Financing Partnership Trust Fund with contributions from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Through WFPF, ADB has been able to deliver water investments with high development impact and demonstration value, improve governance, and strengthen the capacity of water institutions in the region. WFPF's contributions have supported 113 ADB investment projects in 20 countries, with a cumulative $9.45 billion in water investments benefiting an expected 122.1 million people. WFPF has directly contributed to expanding access to water and sanitation services, improving the management of water resources, promoting gender equality, contributing to environmental sustainability and reduced flood risk, building climate change resilience, and promoting food security.

This report covers from January to December 2021 and presents the results and achievements, based on the Facility’s Results Framework 2021–2030. As described in this report, in 2021, WFPF continued to support innovations in project design, capacity building, and institutional reforms in 10 projects across the Asia and the Pacific region. Building on these results, and incorporating lessons learned, WFPF is continuing to support ADB’s water operations during Phase 2 (2021–2030). This support is guided by the Sustainable Development Goals and ADB’s Strategy 2030 to achieve the vision of a water-secure and resilient region through inclusive, well governed, and resilient water and sanitation services and sustainable resource management.


  • Introduction
  • Stories of Support Across the Years
  • Results Framework
  • Financial Status
  • Management of the Facility
  • Key Lessons and Experiences
  • External Factors Relevant to the Facility
  • Overview of 2021 Activities

Additional Details

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  • Water
  • 120
  • 8.5 x 11

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