Work Program and Budget Framework, 2023-2025

Institutional Document | November 2022

The Work Program and Budget Framework (WPBF), 2023-2025 defines the parameters and main thrusts of the operations of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and provides the framework for preparation of the budget for the upcoming year.

For 2023–2025, ADB’s projected commitments total $69.4 billion—$55.4 billion in sovereign operations and $14.0 billion in nonsovereign operations

ADB is mostly on track to meet its Strategy 2030 goals as measured by progress toward the corporate results framework, 2019–2024. ADB expects to meet its targets on gender, education, and health because of renewed DMC demand to enhance social protection and service delivery, particularly to the poor and vulnerable including women. ADB also anticipates meeting its climate-related targets by 2024 but needs to ramp up efforts to realize its ambition for $100 billion in cumulative climate finance by 2030. ADB expects its new operating model, developed through an organizational review, to drive its aspiration to become the climate bank for Asia and the Pacific.

As the development needs of DMCs become more demanding and the operating environment gets more complex, ADB needs to boost its capacity to deliver high-quality solutions and innovative initiatives efficiently and in a timely manner. The new operating model envisages shifts in the way ADB works and delivers solutions.


  • Key Messages
  • Economic Context
  • Pandemic Response and Recovery
  • Strategic Framework
  • Operational Highlights, 2023–2025 
  • Progressing Toward Strategy 2030
  • Focused Action for the Work Program And Budget Framework, 2023–2025
  • Strengthening the Organization
  • Workforce Analysis 
  • Budget Framework
  • Appendixes

Additional Details

  • ADB administration and governance

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