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Software Development in Asia: Harnessing Creative Power for Development

Article | 1 February 2013

Independent software developers have an opportunity to create sustainable solutions for the developmental needs of the poor across the Asia-Pacific.

Governments, NGOs, enterprises, small and medium businesses and local communities are looking for innovative, original ways to deliver development tools that could find an enthusiastic audience across the Asia-Pacific region. Organized by Microsoft in partnership with ADB, the AppsForAsia event is a forum where answers to these applications needs can be found.

Through a series of events, the AppsForAsia - Redesigning Development 'hackathon' aims to harness the creative power of hundreds of independent software developers across Asia and the Pacific to create sustainable solutions for the economic, commercial and social benefit of governments, NGOs, citizens, and enterprises.

Supported by NGO Plan International and the WEF Global Shapers youth group, ADB is providing guidance to program participants on the developmental needs of the Asia and the Pacific region, helping them identify development challenges that would benefit from innovative technological support.

Four months on the road

Over the next four months, the AppsForAsia program will host a series of Developer Innovation Seminars in Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Seoul, Sydney and Melbourne. Developer events have already been held across India. The highlight of the AppsForAsia - Redesigning Development program will be a software technology showcase at the Annual Meeting of the ADB Board of Governors in Delhi, India, on 2-5 May, 2013. The top software solutions will be displayed and demonstrated in a special area of the venue for the benefit of conference attendees.

AppsForAsia - Redesigning Development is sponsored by Microsoft, IT associations, private sector technology companies, and universities around Asia and the Pacific.

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