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  • 出版物 2016年9月30日

    Tales from the Coral Triangle: Philippines Tales from the Coral Triangle: Philippines

    These 10 winning entries from the "Our Seas" story writing contest for high school students in Palawan, Philippines employ fantasy, humor, and drama to highlight the importance of protecting the ocean.

  • ビデオ 2016年9月26日

    Reliable Electricity Powers Up Samoa

    ADB is working with the Government of Samoa to improve the reliability of its power sector, including upgrading the country's aging distribution system. 

  • ビデオ 2016年9月21日

    Trade Finance Program Awards 2016

    At the second annual ADB Trade Finance Program (TFP) awards ceremony on 7 September in Singapore, winning banks discuss the significance of being recognized by TFP as a leading partner bank in their country.

  • 出版物 2016年9月16日

    Asia Bond Monitor - September 2016 Asia Bond Monitor - September 2016

    Yields on bonds in emerging East Asian markets declined as inflationary pressures remained largely muted and persistently low global growth increased the attractiveness of East Asian bonds.