Alternative Procurement Arrangements (Lao Translation)

Business Guide | June 2018

ADB addresses the usage of alternative procurement arrangements in its mainstream procurement. Effective application of alternative procurement arrangements may increase efficiency and reduce procurement time, ensure quality and manage risk, and deliver value for money.

This guidance note aims to assist borrowers and project cofinanciers to understand and implement alternative procurement arrangements (APAs) for projects financed in whole or in part by an ADB loan or grant, or by ADB-administered funds.

It is now possible—subject to ADB’s determination of alternative procurement arrangements—to use the procurement arrangements of an accredited agency of the borrower or those of another development partner involved in the project. The note discusses how key procurement activities should apply under an alternative procurement arrangement, including procurement and market risk assessment, procurement planning, and procurement review. The use of alternative procurement arrangements may alleviate burden on borrower agencies and reduce procurement delays.

Video: What are Alternative Procurement Arrangements?


  • General Considerations for Alternative Procurement Arrangements
  • Alternative Procurement Arrangements and the Country Partnership Strategy
  • Alternative Procurement Arrangements with Agencies
  • Alternative Procurement Arrangements with Partners
  • Other Considerations for Alternative Procurement Arrangements