Quality (Lao Translation)

Business Guide | June 2018

Quality is one of the core procurement principles under the 2017 ADB procurement policy. Quality needs to be considered at all stages of the procurement cycle to ensure project objectives are achieved.

Establishing and maintaining quality is crucial to ensuring a good project outcome. This guidance note advises borrowers on how they can incorporate quality at key stages of the ADB procurement cycle and provides ways for them to manage and mitigate the risk of impacts to quality. This note also contains a checklist of items that may be considered by the procurement practitioner to ensure that quality is integrated into the decisions made during the procurement process. Improvement in the quality of procurement decision-making and support will increase efficiency, reduce risk and procurement time, and ensure value for money in ADB-supported projects.


  • Defining Quality
  • Procurement Planning
  • Design and Bidding Document Preparation
  • Bid Evaluation and Contract Award
  • Implementation and Contract Management