ADB and its partners have accomplished much. They helped build roads that connect farms to markets. They helped bring water to millions of homes. They helped increase access to education, health, energy, and other basic services. Read the impact of their projects through stories, tagged against Strategy 2030 operational priorities, that show how their initiatives changed lives.


Ways to Enhance Agricultural Productivity

Better farm infrastructure and stronger cooperatives are boosting farmers' incomes in Afghanistan. New storage and post-harvest facilities are reducing production...

Viet Nam

Renewable Energy for Remote Communes

Mini-hydropower plants bring reliable and affordable electricity to households in Viet Nam’s remote communes. The powerplants can reduce transmission...

Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Women as River Basin Planners and Managers

In Lao PDR’s Nam Ngum River Basin, women from ethnic households have begun to play major roles in managing water resources. As caretakers of both...

People's Republic of China

Policy Reforms for Safer, Cleaner Air

New policies are introducing reforms to arrest the worsening air pollution in major cities in the People's Republic of China.  The policy reforms and actions...


Keeping the Kids in Primary School

Primary school enrollment and completion rates in Bangladesh have increased in the last 2 decades. Bangladesh’s Primary Education Development...


Regionwide Malaria Elimination Movement

Efforts to eliminate malaria risk in the Greater Mekong Subregion has fostered accountable leadership, increased financing, and stronger regional cooperation.


Preparing for Rapid Urbanization

City planners in Mongolia are expanding their horizons and preparing plans for Ulaanbaatar’s rapid urban growth. Ulaanbaatar’s urban planners have enhanced...