Financing Partnership Facilities

Financing partnership facilities support ADB’s corporate initiatives, such as fostering regional integration and cooperation, increasing investments in clean energy, developing green cities, increasing water investments, and increasing health impacts and health security across the region. Each FPF houses one or more trust funds that finance projects and programs that contribute toward achieving the FPF’s targets and objectives.

Since the launch of ADB Strategy 2030 in 2018, FPFs have been calibrating their targets and project pipelines, aligning them with Strategy 2030 operational priorities. The Urban Financing Partnership Facility, following ADB’s new Livable Cities Operational Priority Plan 2019–2024, will be financing projects and programs to make Asia’s cities more livable. The Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility helped ADB achieve and surpass its target of $6 billion annual climate financing in 2019, a year ahead of schedule. The Water Financing Partnership Facility will continue to support ADB’s water operations guided by the Water-Secure Asia-Pacific 2030 strategic directions paper currently under preparation.

Meanwhile, both the Regional Cooperation and Integration Financing Partnership Facility and Health Financing Partnership Facility are awaiting fund replenishment. With these changes, ADB should be able to offer solutions to harmonize approaches and pool resources for a more coordinated delivery of development assistance.