Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), established in 2016, was designed to: (i) foster sustainable economic development, create wealth, and improve infrastructure connectivity in Asia by investing in infrastructure and other productive sectors; and (ii) promote regional cooperation and partnership in addressing development challenges by working in close collaboration with other multilateral and bilateral development institutions.

In March 2019, ADB and AIIB signed a cofinancing agreement for sovereign operations. The partnership prioritizes, among others, projects that focus on connectivity through infrastructure, adaptation and resilience to climate change, and an integrated region rooted in cooperation and partnerships. AIIB cofinanced one project in 2019, the Bangladesh: Dhaka and Western Zone Transmission Grid Expansion Project.

Cumulative project-specific cofinancing $574 million   
2019 Project-specific Cofinancing
  • $200 million loan for 1 project
1 January 2014–31 December 2019 Cofinanced Projects
Country Project Cofinancing Amount ($ million) Type of Cofinancinga
Bangladesh Natural Gas Infrastructure and Efficiency Improvement 60.00 L
Dhaka and Western Zone Transmission Grid Expansion 200.00 L
Georgia Batumi Bypass Road 114.00 L
India Green Energy Corridor and Grid Strengthening 100.00 L
Pakistan National Motorway M-4 Gojra–Shorkot– Khanewal Section–Additional Financing 100.00 L

aL = official loan cofinancing