Financing partnerships create and nurture progress in ADB’s developing member countries. This year, these partnerships boosted women’s empowerment by opening credit lines that allowed women to establish small and medium enterprises. They fostered trade and tourism by rehabilitating border roads. They climate-proofed crucial farmlands with modern, remote sensing technology. Read how ADB’s cofinanced projects build and share progress across Asia and the Pacific.


Rural Development and Food Security, Climate Change

In Uncertain Times, Ample Preparation for Food Production

Bangladesh is preparing for a $100 million investment in climate and disaster resilient small-scale water resources management. The Water Financing Partnership Facility, through the Netherlands Trust Fund, is supporting the preparations.


Livable Cities

Improving Urban Mobility in Congested Mumbai

India’s Mumbai will soon have a modern public transport system that will help decongest existing public transportation in the city. The ADB project, cofinanced by the New Development Bank, will enhance urban mobility in a city of 12 million and provide some 7.5 million daily suburban commuters with a modern, safer, and more comfortable transportation.



Raising the Quality of Urban Service Delivery

The Rajasthan Urban Sector Development Program, a partnership among ADB, the Sanitation Financing Partnership Trust Fund supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Government of India, showed that physical investments that uplift the lives of the urban poor are better planned if they are combined with policy actions that strengthen institutions that oversee infrastructure and planning.

Indonesia and the Philippines


Securing Sustainable Income while Protecting the Environment

A grant from the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction has empowered marginalized fisherfolks in Indonesia and the Philippines to run their own alternative businesses while protecting the Coral Reef Triangle.


Livable Cities, Climate Change, Gender

Water-Sensitive Development for Slum Communities

Urban footpaths with nature-based designs and other water-sensitive improvements have transformed slums in Makassar City, Indonesia for the better, and the makeover is just beginning. The project component in Indonesia, financed by the Urban Climate Change Resilience Trust Fund, piloted green technology to improve the lives and health of the urban poor.



Critical Thoroughfare Gets Much Needed Makeover

After decades of neglect, Kiribati’s South Tarawa road network gets much-needed repair through a partnership between ADB, the World Bank, Government of Australia, and the Government of Kiribati. To make sure the outcomes of the project are sustained, local governments and enterprises were trained in routine maintenance to keep the road in top shape.


Gender, Governance

Support for Survivors of Domestic Violence

Mongolia is keen on eradicating domestic violence against women and children. The Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction contributed $3 million to an ADB project that aims to help survivors break free from this vicious cycle.


​Climate Change, Gender

Achieving Climate-Friendly Energy Security

Through an ADB-supported private investment project, cofinanced with the Canadian Climate Fund for the Private Sector in Asia II, Nepal moves closer to achieving energy security. After project completion, Nepal will see a new hydropower plant generate electricity for its national grid, helping lessen the country’s dependence on energy imports and lifting the quality of the lives of the surrounding communities.


Poverty, Regional Cooperation​

Broadband Satellite for Remote Communities

With the launch of the Kacific1 satellite in December 2019, people in remote areas in Southeast Asia and the Pacific are now able to join the global online community and enjoy the benefits of internet connectivity. The satellite, owned by Singapore-based Kacific Broadband Satellites International Limited, was financed by ADB and its Leading Asia’s Private Infrastructure Fund, among other cofinanciers.



Modernizing Power Trade Coordination in Central Asia

Coordinating Dispatch Center Energiya, Central Asia’s power flow coordinator, is getting a power boost from an ADB project cofinanced by the Asian Clean Energy Fund under Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility and the High-Level Technology Fund. A recharged Energiya will help increase regional energy trading and addresses frequent power outages and the increasing use of fossil fuels.


​Regional Cooperation and Integration​

Start-Ups Deliver Inclusive Tourism in the Mekong Region

The Mekong region is introducing tourists to a wider array of attractions after several tourism start-ups are placed under an innovation accelerator program, supported by the Government of Australia. As the success of these start-ups gains and sustains momentum, the Mekong region is on its way to having a more inclusive and sustainable tourism industry.

Sri Lanka


Access to Credit Empowers Sri Lankan Women

Women in Sri Lanka now find it easier to borrow capital from banks under ADB’s Sri Lanka: Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Line of Credit Project that is supported by Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative grant and the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction. The project opened opportunities for women to plan, expand, and jumpstart their businesses through access to finance, training, and mentorship opportunities.

Sri Lanka

Climate Change

Wind Power for More Renewable Power

Sri Lanka, wind power generation, Ceylon Electricity Board, public-private partnership, PPP, private sector participation, capacity building, institutional strengthening, governance, renewable energy sources, climate change


Climate Change​

Improving River Basin Management

Threatened by climate change, the Pyanj River Basin is now the center of climate-proofing activities, thanks to a collaborative project by ADB and the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction.


Regional Cooperation and Integration​

Rebuilding the Road to the Border

Trade and tourism are booming in western Tajikistan after the rehabilitation of a road that leads to the border with Uzbekistan. A collaboration between the ADB and the OPEC Fund for International Development, the new road links to a cross-country highway that serves as conduit for trade goods.


​Climate Change, Energy

Powering Up Thailand's Economic Corridor

An ADB-supported private investment project─ cofinanced with the Leading Asia’s Private Infrastructure Fund, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, commercial lenders, and others—will help Thailand advance to its desired high-income status by 2032 by establishing an independent power plant in its Eastern Economic Corridor. With this power plant, the economic corridor will become a hub of trade and investment and the modern gateway to the region.

Viet Nam

Climate Change​

Climate Resilience through Modern Irrigation Systems

A pressurized piped irrigation system equipped with remote sensing technology promises to change the way farming is done in five provinces in Viet Nam. Supported by the Climate Change Fund and Netherlands Trust Fund, the irrigation systems will climate-proof farmlands and directly benefit more than 39,000 households, including over 7,000 ethnic minority households.

Viet Nam

Climate Change​

Solar Power Meets Hydropower

Viet Nam’s Da Nhim-Ham Thuan-Da Mi Hydro Power Joint Stock Company installed floating solar panels over the reservoir of a hydropower plant to address the country’s increasing demand for electricity. A unique financing package from ADB, Canada, and Japan supported the project.

Viet Nam

Climate change

Viet Nam's Communes Get on the Grid

Viet Nam is progressing toward achieving universal access to electricity by 2020 after an ADB project with cofinancing from the Clean Energy Fund under Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility helped provide hundreds of thousands of households with electricity and opened economic opportunities to the men and women of these communes.