Financing Partnership Facilities

Programmatic, Long-Term, Collaborative Cofinancing

A Financing Partnership Facility supports specific ADB corporate initiatives, such as livable cities or regional cooperation. It has one or more trust funds that finance projects and programs contributing to its objectives.

Financing partnership facilities (FPFs) finance projects and programs that contribute toward achieving specific development targets and objectives. Through one or more trust funds, the FPFs channel cofinancing to support ADB’s corporate initiatives, such as fostering regional integration and cooperation, increasing investments in clean energy, developing green cities, increasing water investments, increasing health impacts and health security, and supporting tech startups with brilliant development solutions.

At a Glance

Financing Partnership Facilities
Trust Funds
Financing Partners

These facilities are operational mechanisms for strategic, long-term, multi-partner cooperation that link various forms of assistance in a coordinated manner for well-defined purposes. By pooling financial resources from donors, these umbrella facilities ensure a steady flow of funds for faster development results. The FPFs combine different forms of assistance—including grants, concessional loans, risk-sharing mechanisms, and knowledge provision—under one umbrella. They ensure a coordinated and harmonized approach to achieving specific goals for the sector or theme.

In 2020, the FPFs soldiered on with their annual work programs while adjusting to contribute to ADB’s responses to COVID-19 challenges, particularly in their specific development sectors or thrusts.

The Facilities

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