ADB Financing Partners

Responding Rapidly to the COVID-19 Crisis

In the face of the region’s glaring needs, ADB and its financing partners responded with agility, boldness, and innovativeness.

ADB partners with international development agencies, nongovernment or civil society organizations, nontraditional donors, multilateral and bilateral institutions, the private sector, and other emerging development partners. This section highlights the financing partners with active sovereign projects in 2020.

Who Partners with ADB

Other Partners

ADB works with other partners through concessional or commercial cofinancing, including partners from the private sector, with corporate social responsibility and philanthropic thrusts.

Why Partner with ADB

ADB, with its breadth of operations, offers full or partial administration of development assistance and programs cofinanced with partners

ADB has a deep understanding of the region and its needs, as well as close and tested relationships with its member countries

ADB uses its convening power to catalyze and coordinate action on development challenges while creating synergies among various public and private development initiatives

ADB brings over 50 years of accumulated experience in implementing projects across multiple sectors and thematic issues of strategic importance

ADB provides nonbinding collaboration opportunities to scale up and promote local, national, and regional development projects and programs

ADB promotes knowledge generation and sharing across the organization and the region, and provides high-quality policy advice that helps strengthen the institutional capacity of its member countries

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