European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank (EIB) or the European Union (EU) bank seeks to promote development in Armenia, Bangladesh, Fiji, Georgia, India, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Maldives, Mongolia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka, and Viet Nam. The EIB particularly focuses on climate change mitigation, economic and infrastructure development, renewable energy, urban transport, and water. In 2020, an EIB Climate Roadmap was finalized to set the bank’s goals for climate finance that supports the European Green Deal and helps make Europe carbon-neutral by 2050. It also started its transformative action to be recognized as the EU climate bank.

At a Glance

Cumulative Project-Specific Cofinancing

$2.3 billion


2020 Project-Specific Cofinancing

  • $18.7 million

In 2020, the EIB cofinanced the third tranche of the Ulaanbaatar project on urban services in the Ger areas of Mongolia for $18.7 million.

1 January 2014–31 December 2020 Cofinanced Project
Country Project Cofinancing Amount ($ million) Type of cofinancinga
Armenia Armenia-Georgia Border Regional Road (M6 Vanadzor-Bagratashen) Improvement 56.4 L
North-South Road Corridor Investment Program—Tranche 3 79.2 L
Bangladesh Dhaka Environmentally Sustainable Water Supply 136 L
Dhaka Water Supply Network Improvement 44 L
Power System Expansion and Efficiency Improvement Investment Program—Tranche 1 119 G/L
South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation Railway Connectivity: Akhaura-Laksam Double Track 175 L
Fiji Urban Water Supply and Wastewater Management Investment Program—Tranche 1 26.6 L
Georgia East-West Highway (Khevi-Ubisa Section) Improvement 560.6 L
India Clean Energy Finance Investment Program—Tranche 1 253 L
Lao People's Democratic Republic Vientiane Sustainable Urban Transport 20 L
Maldives Preparing Outer Islands for Sustainable Energy Development 50 L
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Urban Services and Ger Areas Development Investment Program—Tranche 1 28.4 L
Ulaanbaatar Urban Services and Ger Areas Development Investment Program—Tranche 2 19.6 L
Ulaanbaatar Urban Services and Ger Areas Development Investment Program - Tranche 3 18.7 L
Nepal South Asia Subregional Economic Cooperation Power System Expansion 120 L
Tanahu Hydropower 85 L
Papua New Guinea Bridge Replacement for Improved Rural Access Sector 58.4 L
Sri Lanka Greater Colombo Water and Wastewater Management Improvement Investment Program—Tranche 3 50 L
Viet Nam Ha Noi Metro Rail System (Line 3: Nhon-Ha Noi Station Section) 172 L

a L for loan, G for grant

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