European Union

Established in 1958 originally as the European Economic Community (EEC), the European Union (EU) is a political and economic union of 27 sovereign states in Europe (in 1993, the EEC changed its name to the EU). The EU seeks to be a driver of sustainable development, peace, and economic integration. It works with ADB to promote human rights and good governance, health, education, sustainable agriculture, and food security, environment and clean energy, food and agriculture, and cross-border cooperation in human and animal health.

At a Glance

Cumulative Project-Specific Cofinancing

$939.4 million


2020 Project-Specific Cofinancing

  • $27.1 million

In 2020, the EU cofinanced two projects for $27.1 million. These are on enhancing education and skills base in Myanmar, and an additional financing to a highlands road improvement program in Papua New Guinea.

1 January 2014–31 December 2020 Cofinanced Project
Country Project Cofinancing Amount ($ million) Type of cofinancinga
Afghanistan Panj-Amu River Basin Sector 50 G
Transport Network Development Investment Program—Tranche 4 21 G
Bangladesh Supporting Fourth Primary Education Development Program 175 L
Third Primary Education Development—Additional Financing 55.5 G
Cook Islands Renewable Energy Sector 7.3 G
Lao People’s Democratic Republic Sustainable Rural Infrastructure and Watershed Management Sector 4.5 G
Myanmar Support to Enhance Education and Skills Base in Myanmar 26 TA
Nauru Electricity Supply Security and Sustainability 2.7 G
Nepal Supporting Policies and Implementation in the School Sector (Supplementary) 4.7 TA
Supporting School Sector Development Plan 63.1 G
Papua New Guinea Highlands Region Road Improvement Investment Program—Project 3 21.1 G
Samoa Fiscal Resilience Improvement Program—Subprogram 1 6.1 G
Renewable Energy Development and Power Sector Rehabilitation—Additional Financing 5.1 G
Solomon Islands Improved Fiscal Sustainability Reform Program 2.9 G
Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector 20.3 G
Timor Leste Road Network Upgrading 22.6 G
Tonga Building Macroeconomic Resilience Program—Subprogram 1 2.8 G
Building Macroeconomic Resilience Program—Subprogram 2 2.1 G
Outer Island Renewable Energy—Additional Financing 3.6 G
Building Macroeconomic Resilience Program—Subprogram 3 2.2 G
Tuvalu Improved Fiscal and Infrastructure Management Program 1.5 G

a G for grant, TA for technical assistance

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