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The World Bank Group (WBG) has been working with ADB since 1972. The WBG works with countries to implement sustainable solutions to reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries.

At a Glance

Cumulative Project-Specific Cofinancing

$14.5 billion


2020 Project-Specific Cofinancing

  • $1.3 billion

WBG’s collaboration with ADB prioritizes projects on health, education, infrastructure, agriculture, public administration, macroeconomic management, institutional development, governance, financial and private sector development, environmental protection, and natural resource management.

In April 2020, ADB and the International Finance Corporation, a member of the WBG, discussed common development goals, including opportunities to expand their collaboration in responding to COVID-19, tackling climate change, creating new markets, and mobilizing private sector financing.

The WBG cofinanced nine projects in 2020, including three COVID-19-related, for a total of $1.3 billion. These projects include a water supply project in Kiribati’s South Tarawa, an integrated water resources development in Afghanistan’s Arghandab, macroeconomic resilience program in Tonga, transport infrastructure on Kiribati’s outer islands, urban water and sanitation project in Solomon Islands, an expanded social assistance project in the Philippines, COVID-19 emergency assistance and expenditure support, and shock-responsive social protection in Pakistan and Mongolia, respectively.

1 January 2014–31 December 2020 Cofinanced Project
Country Project Cofinancing Amount ($ million) Type of cofinancinga
Afghanistan Arghandab Integrated Water Resources Development 200 G
Bangladesh Emergency Assistance 75 G
Second Public-Private Infrastructure Development Facility 99.5 L
Secondary Education Sector Investment Program—Tranche 2 265 L
Secondary Education Sector Investment Program—Tranche 3 520 G
Skills for Employment Investment Program—Tranche 1 79 L
Supporting Fourth Primary Education Development Program 700 L
Third Primary Education Development—AdditionalFinancing 400 L
China, People's Republic of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Air Quality Improvement-Hebei Policy Reforms Program 200 L
Fiji Emergency Assistance for Recovery from Tropical Cyclone Winston 50 L
Sustained Private Sector-Led Growth Reform Program—Subprogram 1 15 L
Transport Infrastructure Investment Sector 50 L
Sustained Private Sector-Led Growth Reform Program—Subprogram 2 64 L
Georgia East-West Highway (Khevi-Ubisa Section) Improvement 140 L
India Solar Rooftop Investment Program—Tranche 1 647.9 G/L
Indonesia Electricity Grid Strengthening—Sumatra Program 500 L
Integrated Participatory Development and Management of Irrigation Program 28 L
Sustainable and Inclusive Energy Program—Subprogram 1 500 L
Kazakhstan Countercyclical Support 1,000 L
Kiribati Road Rehabilitation 6 G
Strengthening Economic Management Reform Program—Subprogram 1 5 G
Strengthening Economic Management Reform Program—Subprogram 2 5 G
Strengthening Fiscal Stability Program 8.2 G
Outer Islands Transport Infrastructure Investment 30 G
South Tarawa Water Supply 13 G
Lao People's Democratic Republic Health Sector Governance Program 26.4 G/L
Mongolia Shock-Responsive Social Protection 5 L
Myanmar Power Transmission Improvement 400 L
Nepal Supporting School Sector Development Plan 150 L
Pakistan Sustainable Energy Sector Reform Program—Subprogram 1 600 L
Sustainable Energy Sector Reform Program—Subprogram 2 500 L
COVID-19 Active Response and Expenditure Support Program 500 L
Emergency Assistance for Fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic 200 L
Palau North Pacific Regional Connectivity Investment—Additional Financing 22.5 L
Philippines KALAHI-CIDSS National Community-Driven Development 479 L
Social Protection Support—Additional Financing 450 L
Expanded Social Assistance 300 L
Samoa Fiscal Resilience Improvement Program—Subprogram 1 5 L
Samoa Submarine Cable 16 G
Solomon Islands Improved Fiscal Sustainability Reform Program 10 G
Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Sector 15 L
Sri Lanka Education Sector Development Program 100 L
Skills Sector Enhancement Program 101.5 L
Tonga Building Macroeconomic Resilience Program—Subprogram 1 2 G/L
Building Macroeconomic Resilience Program—Subprogram 2 5 G/L
Building Macroeconomic Resilience Program—Subprogram 3 5.5 G
Strengthening Macroeconomic Resilience Program 5.5 G
Tuvalu Strengthened Fiscal Sustainability Program 1.5 G
Improved Fiscal and Infrastructure Management Program 7.5 G
Uzbekistan Economic Management Improvement Program—Subprogram 1 500 L
Viet Nam Improving Competitiveness Program 250 L
Regional Improving Internet Connectivity for Micronesia 36.2 G

a G for grant, TA for technical assistance

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