Partnership Report 2023

Climate Action, Sustainable Development


Strong partnerships with donors, multilaterals, the private sector, and other development actors are vital for ADB to deliver the necessary support for our developing member countries. Only by combining our financial resources, knowledge, and experiences can we be the partner that our developing members need.

Woochong Um
Managing Director General
Asian Development Bank

Accelerating Climate Action

Despite decades of progress, the Asia and Pacific region faces tremendous development challenges. Poverty, hunger, debts, conflicts, disasters, and inequalities remain major obstacles. Looming over them is the defining challenge of our time: climate change.

As the region’s climate bank, ADB helps countries navigate these challenges and plot sustainable paths for their development.

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Surge in Partners' Support

In 2023, ADB channeled $16.4 billion in cofinancing for our developing member countries, alongside ADB’s commitments of $23.6 billion. This is a 44% increase in cofinancing compared to the previous year. For every 2 out of 5 ADB projects, we mobilized additional funds from a diverse source, comprising 15 bilateral and 7 multilateral partners, 5 global funds, 29 trust funds, and a host of private sector entities.

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Building Brick-By-Brick

Working with partners empowers ADB to tackle, project by project, the complex and diverse challenges faced by developing member countries. Whether advancing the adoption of renewable energy, fostering the growth of women-led enterprises, enhancing support for older people or individuals with disabilities, or harnessing the potential of smart technologies, our partnerships have yielded transformative results that improve lives.

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How We Partner

Our partners committed $9.5 billion to sovereign operations and $6.9 billion to nonsovereign operations. A variety of partnership modalities made these commitments possible. For sovereign operations, these are project-specific cofinancing and trust funds cofinancing. For nonsovereign operations, partners engaged through official and commercial channels via projects, programs, technical assistance, and transaction advisory services.

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