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Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility

Year Established


Cumulative Contributions Committed

$368 million

The Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility was established in 2007 to help improve energy security in developing member countries and decrease the rate of climate change. It will do this by financing the deployment of new, more efficient, and less polluting supply and end-use technologies, through either grant or non-grant resources.

The facility resources are also intended to finance policy, regulatory, and institutional reforms that encourage clean energy development. It supports investments in the deployment of new clean energy technology; projects that lower the barriers to adopting clean energy technologies and increase access to modern forms of clean and efficient energy for the poor; and technical capacity development programs for clean energy.

In 2023, the facility’s Annual Consultation Meeting was held in India on 16–17 November. Sweden and Germany provided replenishments for the Clean Energy Fund.

Trust Funds

Smart Energy Innovation Fund

Year Established2021
PartnerUnited Kingdom
Cumulative Contributions Committed$12.7 million

In 2021, ADB signed a memorandum of understanding with the Government of the United Kingdom to establish the Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization Fund to support the development of clean energy technologies that will lead to climate change mitigation by accelerating innovative and promising artificial intelligence and digital technologies. In 2023, ADB renamed the fund into the Smart Energy Innovation Fund and expanded its scope by including more eligible countries to access the fund.

Asian Clean Energy Fund

Year Established2008
Cumulative Contributions Committed$55.7 million
Project Commitments
Grants$13.8 million for 7 projects
Technical Assistance$48.9 million for 38 TA projects

The Asian Clean Energy Fund was established by Japan as part of its initiative for Enhanced Sustainable Development for Asia. It prioritizes activities implemented in cooperation with Japanese aid agencies as part of the first pillar of the Enhanced Sustainable Development for Asia initiative. The fund supports efforts of developing member countries to reduce greenhouse gases through renewable energy and energy-efficiency technologies.

Canadian Climate Fund for the Private Sector in Asia

Year Established2013
Cumulative Contributions Committed$77.3 million
Project Commitments
Concessional Loan$70.3 million for 7 projects
Technical Assistance$7 million for 18 TA projects

The Canadian Climate Fund for the Private Sector in Asia was established in March 2013. The fund aims to catalyze greater private investment in climate change mitigation and adaptation in Asia and the Pacific. It seeks to play a key role in helping overcome leading-edge technology risks and cost hurdles to initiate and scale up projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase climate resilience. The fund is ADB’s first concessional debt cofinancing facility specifically oriented to support private sector operations to combat climate change.

Clean Energy Fund

Year Established2007
PartnerAustralia, Germany, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom
Cumulative Contributions Committed$140.7 million
Project Commitments
Grants$36.8 million for 17 projects
Technical Assistance$79.5 million for 75 TA projects
Direct Charges$6.4 million for 66 activities

The Clean Energy Fund is a multi-partner trust fund established in April 2007 under the Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility. The facility aims to improve energy security in developing member countries and decrease the rate of climate change through increased use of clean energy. Resources from the fund and clean energy trust funds are used to finance operational expenses related to eligible projects in the form of foreign exchange and/or local expenditures for goods, works, and services from ADB member countries, following ADB’s applicable guidelines and procedures.

Energy Transition Mechanism Partnership Trust Fund

Year Established2022
PartnerGermany, Japan, New Zealand
Cumulative Contributions Committed$81.5 million
Project Commitments
Technical Assistance$4 million for 3 TA projects

The Energy Transition Mechanism Partnership Trust Fund (is a multi-partner trust fund under the Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility. It mobilizes resources for the Energy Transition Mechanism, which aims to catalyze public and private capital to accelerate the transition from carbon-intensive coal-based power plants to clean energy in ADB developing member countries.


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3 Dec 2023

New Agreement Aims to Retire Indonesia's 660 MW Coal Plant Almost 7 Years Early

The 660-megawatt coal-fired power plant Cirebon-1 in Indonesia will likely be retired almost 7 years earlier than scheduled as a result of discussions with the plant’s owners and the Government of Indonesia under the Energy Transition Mechanism program.

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29 Nov 2023

ADB to Support Power Sector Reforms in India

ADB approved a $250 million policy-based loan to strengthen India’s power sector by improving financial sustainability and facilitating the shift to renewable energy. This program builds on ADB’s engagements in emerging areas such as green hydrogen, which will be important to facilitate energy transition.


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    Six Technologies Powering the Clean Energy Transition

    The 2023 Asia Clean Energy Forum discussed some clean energy technologies, including smart grids, battery energy storage systems, electric vehicles, and green hydrogen. These technological innovations can help address gender equality and social inclusion challenges.

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