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Gender and Development Cooperation Fund

Year Established


Cumulative Contributions Committed

$11.7 million

Project Commitments


$1.4 million for 4 projects

Technical Assistance

$11.9 for 11 TA projects

The Gender and Development Cooperation Fund(GDCF) promotes gender equality and women’s empowerment in Asia and the Pacific. It supports country gender assessments and strategies to guide the formulation of country partnership strategies, project-specific gender action plans for ADB gender-relevant projects, recruitment of long-term gender consultants, gender impact assessments, and promotion of partnerships with women’s organizations and other development partners.


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Police and Community Partner in Nepal’s Effort to Tackle Violence against Women

Nepal’s network of service centers helps women report gender-based crime and domestic violence. The Gender-Based Violence or GBV network was set up in 20 districts across the country in coordination with civil society organizations and with support from the Asian Development Bank.

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