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High-Level Technology Fund

Year Established




Cumulative Contributions Committed

$92.1 million

Project Commitments


$20.7 million for 13 projects

Technical Assistance

$41.1 million for 57 TA projects

Direct Charges

$3.3 million for 32 activities

The High-Level Technology Fund (HLT Fund) provides grant financing to promote the integration of high-level technology (HLT) and innovative solutions into ADB-financed and -administered sovereign and nonsovereign projects throughout the project cycle. The fund encourages more widespread adoption of HLT to address development challenges in ADB’s developing member countries. Fund resources are used for a broad range of innovative technologies and solutions that enable technological development and/or scaling up of the technology deployment in the recipient country. The fund also supports the Technology Innovation Challenge (TIC) program, which seeks proposals for proof-of-concept or pilot studies of HLT Fund applications from technology providers in developing countries’ contexts.

In 2023, the HLT Fund TIC introduced five pilot projects focusing on urban development, healthy oceans, and transport, all supported by funding from the HLT Fund. These projects encompass a diverse range of technologies and innovations: (i) PHI: The Poverty Impact and Vulnerability Estimator; (ii) PHI: The Integrated Approach for Coral Reef Conservation and Rehabilitation; (iii) THA: AI-Based Vigilance System for Enhancing Security in Buses; (iv) IND: Technologies for Urban Transit to Enhance Mobility and Safe Accessibility; and (v) IND: Promote Efficient Wastewater Treatment and Sanitation.


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18 Oct 2022

ADB to Support Integrated Urban Development in Uzbekistan Cities

ADB approved a $59 million loan and $500,000 grant to enhance livability and economic competitiveness in four secondary cities of Uzbekistan. The bank will administer the $500,000 grant provided as cofinancing by the HLT Fund for a new digital museum in the city of Khiva’s new tourist center.

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1 Sep 2022

ADB to Help Improve Food Security, Water Management in Uzbekistan

ADB approved a $150 million loan and a $3 million grant to help improve food and water security in Uzbekistan through better land and water resources management for improved agricultural productivity. ADB will also administer a $300,000 grant from the HLT Fund.


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    Electric Buses to Reduce Air Pollution in Bishkek

    The HLT Fund cofinanced the Urban Transport Electrification Project in Bishkek to improve air quality, enhance energy security, and address traffic congestion. The project will finance the purchase of electric buses, upgrade trolleybus depots, and establish a 3.5-kilometer green mobility pilot corridor to increase bus speed and improve transport service reliability.

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    Working Toward Sustainable Tourism with E-mobility

    The HLT Fund supported efforts to revolutionize sustainable tourism through e-mobility solutions. In Thailand, the fund supported the pilot testing of e-boats for Krabi tour operators in response to their rapidly growing tourism industry.

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