People's Republic of China

People's Republic of China


  • Project-Specific Cofinancing $1.6 billion
  • Contributions Committed to Trust Funds $90 million


  • Project-Specific Cofinancing $139.6 million

Partnership Framework Arrangement

Signing Date 4 May 2009

Completion Date Continuous

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) contributes to ADB development finance and knowledge-sharing initiatives. The PRC has supported investments in projects promoting regional connectivity and cooperation, poverty reduction, and knowledge sharing.

ADB works with the PRC’s Ministry of Finance, policy banks including the Agricultural Development Bank of China, China Development Bank (CDB),1 and the Export-Import Bank of China2 and domestic and commercial entities on directing development finance to investment projects. Among the commercial entities are the Bank of Beijing, China Construction Bank Corporation, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Bank of Huzhou, Bank of Qingdao, Bank of Xingtai, Bank of Tianjin, and others.

Highlights of ADB–PRC Engagement in 2023:

Sovereign cofinancing. In 2023, the CDB committed $139.6 million in loan cofinancing to support the PRC in the Fujian Xianyou Mulan River Basin Integrated Ecological Improvement and Environmental Management Project by developing an integrated solution to flood control, ecological restoration, and water quality improvement of the river; and by strengthening institutional capacity for environmental management in the river basin. The project aims to overcome the sustainability challenge in rural development and environmental management.

Nonsovereign Cofinancing. The Trade and Supply Chain Finance Program (TSCFP) supported over 70 transactions valued at $78.1 million with banks domiciled in the PRC from inception to December 2023. During the same period, the TSCFP supported around 15,080 PRC exports and/or imports valued at $6.4 billion. In 2023 alone, the TSCFP supported some 3,440 PRC exports and/or imports valued at $861.5 million. Exports and/or imports were mainly to or from Viet Nam, Bangladesh, and Armenia. Underlying goods involved mostly textiles and apparel, raw and non-energy commodities, as well as industrial machinery and capital goods.

Special Funds. The PRC contributes to ADB special funds. Since becoming a member in 1986, the PRC has committed $333.6 million to special funds, of which $276.6 million has gone to the Asian Development Fund (ADF). The ADF provides grants to ADB’s low-income, developing member countries to help reduce poverty and improve quality of life.

Active Trust Funds

Active trust funds are those a) with ongoing projects; or b) with no active projects but have remaining funds.


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7 Nov 2022

ADB, GreenCell Sign $40 Million Financing for Safer E-buses in India, Especially for Women Commuters

The financing package will develop 255 electric battery–powered buses to serve 5 million people a year on 56 intercity routes in India and enhance the safety of passengers, especially women, through improved security features including panic buttons.

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13 Dec 2022

ADB Boosting Support for Cambodia’s Livestock Subsector to Enhance Food Security and Climate Resilience

The project will help Cambodia enhance food security and promote inclusive economic growth by improving livestock health and value chains, and the formal trade of livestock and livestock products.


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Streamlined Customs to Increase Central Asian Trade

Central Asian economies are working together to advance the region’s trade agenda that strengthens internal capabilities and adapts well to the evolving trade environment.

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Helping Vulnerable People Face Economic Headwinds

Women, children, and other poor and vulnerable groups in Mongolia will be better prepared for crisis situations as the government boosts social protection measures while bolstering economic growth.

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