• Project-Specific Cofinancing $294.4 million
  • Contributions Committed to Trust Funds $14.8 million

    Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs administers development cooperation and is responsible for planning, implementation, and quality assurance of the country’s development cooperation. Denmark’s priority interests in the region include security, development, green transition, combatting climate change, and inclusive and sustainable growth. Denmark’s engagement is guided by the foreign and security policy strategy and the strategy for development cooperation.

    Highlights of ADB–Denmark Engagement in 2023:

    Nonsovereign Cofinancing. The Trade and Supply Chain Finance Program (TSCFP) supported six transactions valued at $2.6 million with banks domiciled in Denmark from inception to December 2023. During the same period, the TSCFP supported over 50 Danish exports and/or imports valued at $78.4 million. In 2023 alone, the TSCFP supported 2 transactions valued at $0.1 million with banks domiciled in Denmark and supported 10 Danish exports and/or imports valued at $5.8 million. Exports and/or imports were mainly to or from Viet Nam, Bangladesh, and Mongolia. Underlying goods involved mostly food and agriculture-related goods, industrial machinery and capital goods, as well as medical and pharmaceuticals.

    Special Funds. Denmark is a founding member of ADB and has, since 1966, committed a total of $277.1 million to special funds. Of this commitment, $265.2 million has gone to the Asian Development Fund (ADF). The ADF provides grants to ADB’s low-income, developing member countries to help reduce poverty and improve quality of life.


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    A Clean Energy Revolution Is Lighting Up Tonga

    The Outer Islands Renewable Energy Project, funded by ADB, the governments of Australia and Denmark, the European Union, and the Global Environment Facility, is transforming businesses and communities in the Ha’apai island of Tonga with its solar farm, which can provide almost twice the island’s power demand.

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    How ADB Is Helping Power the Pacific

    ADB is heavily invested in the Pacific by promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy resources, expanding access to energy, and promoting energy sector reform, capacity building, and effective governance. ADB’s collaborative approach to lending and grants allows it to deliver more transformative impacts.

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