• Contributions Committed to Trust Funds $73.4 million


  • Trust Funds Contribution $4.4 million

Four government agencies are responsible for Spain’s official development assistance. The Ministry of Finance and Public Function prepares and partially channels the development budget bill to European Union institutions. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation sets the strategic orientation of the Spanish development policy. On the other hand, the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) implements bilateral humanitarian aid and provides funding to civil society organizations. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Enterprise represents Spain in international financial institutions and multilateral banks. AECID manages the Spanish Development Promotion Fund.

Highlights of ADB–Spain Engagement in 2023:

Nonsovereign Cofinancing. The Trade and Supply Chain Finance Program (TSCFP) supported over 6,350 transactions valued at $2.6 billion with banks domiciled in Spain from inception to December 2023. During the same period, the TSCFP supported over 320 Spanish exports and/or imports valued at $105 million. In 2023 alone, the TSCFP supported 829 transactions valued at $460 million with banks domiciled in Spain and supported 26 Spanish exports and/or imports valued at $10.5 million. Exports and/or imports were mainly to or from Pakistan, Viet Nam, and Bangladesh. Underlying goods involved mostly raw and non-energy commodities, food and agriculture-related goods, as well as industrial machinery and capital goods.

Trust Funds. In December 2023, Spain committed €4 million ($4.4 million) as a contribution to the Water Innovation Trust Fund, previously named Multi-donor Trust Fund. The Water Financing Partnership Facility, which included the Multi-donor Trust Fund, was established in December 2006 to support the implementation of ADB’s water financing program. Its initial focus was to support the achievement of targeted outcomes set for 2006–2010, which was subsequently adjusted and extended to 2020 following the approval of ADB’s Water Operational Plan 2011–2020. The trust fund name was changed in September 2023.

Special Funds. Spain contributes to ADB special funds. Since becoming a member in 1986, Spain has committed $518.7 million to special funds, of which $492.6 million went to the Asian Development Fund (ADF). The ADF provides grants to ADB’s low-income, developing member countries to help reduce poverty and improve quality of life.

Knowledge. In November 2023, ADB hosted the financing donors for the annual consultation meetings of the Clean Energy, Urban, and Water Financing Partnership Facilities (FPFs) in India. ADB thanked the donors, including Spain, while highlighting the FPFs’ role in developing innovative solutions. Donors expressed their support for the FPFs, underscoring the importance of scaling up knowledge and innovation, ensuring greater visibility for donor contributions, and diversifying the funding base for the FPFs.

Active Trust Funds

Active trust funds are those a) with ongoing projects; or b) with no active projects but have remaining funds.


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17 Dec 2021

New ADB Facility to Help Southeast Asia Revive Tourism and Boost Sustainable, Inclusive Investments

ADB has set up a $1.7 million technical assistance facility to accelerate Southeast Asia’s tourism recovery from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic; boost inclusive, sustainable development in the sector; and help local tourism entrepreneurs, especially women and youth, adopt digital platforms to grow their businesses.


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    Expanding Hydropower in Samoa

    To help the country reduce its reliance on fossils, ADB, the Clean Energy Fund under the Clean Energy Financing Partnership Facility, the European Union, and the Government of New Zealand are helping the Government of Samoa build new hydropower plants while rehabilitating those that have been degraded by cyclones.

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    Protecting Valuable Agricultural Lands from Destructive Floods in Nepal

    To minimize the loss of lives and resources due to flooding, a new project in Nepal will introduce flood control infrastructure and flood forecasting systems in the Terai region. The region is known as Nepal’s granary because it is the country’s largest producer of agricultural products.

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