• Project-Specific Cofinancing $740 million

    The Uzbekistan Fund for Reconstruction and Development (UFRD), established in 2006, is a 100% state-owned fund in Uzbekistan that primarily finances the implementation of socially significant national state programs and projects. It helps develop production and non-production infrastructure in regions, creates conditions for the integration of the country into the international communications network, and finances modernization and development of transport and telecommunications infrastructure, which provides access to international transport corridors and world markets in the shortest way. It can also participate in organizing joint financing of projects with international financial institutions, credit institutions of the country and foreign countries.

    The UFRD has partnered with ADB since 2014, contributing $740 million in cofinancing.


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    11 Dec 2023

    ADB to Help Improve 700 km of Rural Roads in Uzbekistan

    ADB has approved a loan to make rural roads in Uzbekistan safer and more climate-resilient, enhance connectivity, and promote rural development.


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      Smart Meters for Energy Efficiency

      ADB helped install pre-paid smart meters in three regions in Uzbekistan and built a data center to process the information from the smart meter.

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