Investing for a Greener World: Together as One

The climate crisis that all of us face, every country, every community across the globe, is so urgent, it is so complex, and it is so devastating, particularly in developing countries, that we have to tackle this as a community.

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Elevated US Rates Push Up Bond Yields in Emerging East Asia

Financial conditions in emerging East Asia weakened in the third quarter of 2023 amid expectations of higher interest rates for a longer period in the United States (US). In response to the elevated US interest rates, government bond yields rose across most markets in the region.


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Trade and Climate Change

In Asia (and globally), exports account for about 30% of total production-based CO2 emissions. The share of exports in total production-based emissions for Asia grew faster than the world average, especially between 2001 and the financial crisis, and rose over one-third from about 23% to 31% from 1995 to 2018.

Emissions embodied in Asian manufactured exports account for three-fourths of the total, followed by transportation and other services.

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