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Asian Development Bank and Nepal: Fact Sheet (Nepali)

Publication | April 2017
Asian Development Bank and Nepal: Fact Sheet (Nepali)

ADB’s strategy for Nepal seeks to address the country’s infrastructure bottlenecks in energy, transport, and urban facilities, while building human capital.

Nepal now strives to graduate to middle-income country status and to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. ADB assistance in the education sector will support the government’s major initiative for fiscal years 2017 to 2023 to substantially improve the quality and efficiency of, and expand equitable access to, education across the country to build much stronger human capital.

ADB operations will also focus on agriculture transformation, gender equality, good governance, environmental sustainability, regional cooperation and integration, and private sector development.

Updated yearly, this ADB Fact Sheet provides social and economic indicators on Nepal as well as concise information on ADB's operations in the country and contact information.