$1 Million ADB Project Launched to Support Davao's Sustainable Transport | Asian Development Bank

$1 Million ADB Project Launched to Support Davao's Sustainable Transport

News from Country Offices | 28 February 2013

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – The Asian Development Bank (ADB), Department of Transportation and Communications, and City of Davao, together with the Embassy of Japan, have launched a $1 million technical assistance (TA) project funded by the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction that will support the city in developing a sustainable urban public transport system.

“Public transport is not a choice for many; it is the only mode available to them. The vast majority of Davao’s population does not have access to private vehicles or motorcycles and, thus, are captive public transport users,” said Kunio Senga, Director General of ADB’s Southeast Asia Department. “It is our duty to provide services that are safe, clean and affordable, and allow passengers to travel to the places they need to go at times when they need to be there.”

As economies develop, most aspects of life become more efficient, such as improved water supply, sanitation, or access to electrification. Transport and urban transport, however, tend to do the opposite. As the Philippines grows and its economy expands, its cities are experiencing rapid increases in traffic congestion, higher transport costs, deteriorating air quality, and reduced road safety.

Public transport is the main mode of transport in Davao, accounting for 80% of trips, and relies mainly on tricycles, jeepneys, or multi-cab vehicles. Current public transport routes, the coverage area, connectivity, and the frequency of service are poorly planned and fail to provide satisfactory service.

This project will help create an enabling environment for a modern, efficient, and affordable public transport system in Davao that can then be replicated across the Philippines. The TA will prepare plans and franchising mechanisms to improve the integration of the public transport system, widen the coverage area, and deliver more transport services to passengers.

The TA project will be administered by ADB.