ADB Green Energy Project in Bhutan Wins US Treasury Honors | Asian Development Bank

ADB Green Energy Project in Bhutan Wins US Treasury Honors

News Release | 24 July 2013

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - An Asian Development Bank (ADB) green energy project that brings greater electrification to rural households in Bhutan and boosts access to green power in neighboring India is among the recipients of the U.S. Treasury Department's Development Impact Honors.

"As this project in Bhutan has shown, sharing of hydropower resources is a win-win solution, which is anchored on mutual trust and shared interest," said Xiaoyu Zhao, ADB Vice President of Operations, while accepting the award during a ceremony in Washington, D.C.

The Green Power Development Project in Bhutan is the first certified cross-border clean development mechanism project in the world. Using a public-private partnership, the 126-megawatt Dagachhu hydropower facility was constructed to deliver carbon-free clean energy to India, replacing electricity produced by fossil fuel generators.

Government royalties from the project will subsidize the development and operation of Bhutan's rural electrification network, bringing power to about 9,000 households in remote communities where mountainous terrain and small populations make the constructing and maintaining of grids too costly. Royalties will also finance solar power systems to electrify rural schools, health clinics, monasteries, and community centers.

ADB's Green Power Development Project in Bhutan was one of five international development projects honored by the U.S. Treasury. The Development Impact Honors recognizes outstanding projects undertaken by multilateral development banks and showcases these effective success stories.