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Draft Nauru Women's Policy Presented

News from Country Offices | 28 February 2014

AIWO, NAURU – The proposed Nauru Women’s Policy – which would promote equal participation of women in government decision-making and leadership, improved women’s health, equitable access to education, improved economic status of women, and the elimination of violence against women – was unveiled today at a one-day consultative workshop organized by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and Government of Nauru.

The policy was developed by participants at an October 2013 consultative workshop that aimed to raise awareness and understanding of the Government’s plan to develop a National Women’s Policy and discuss ideas for what sectors should be included in the plan.

“We used information collected at last year’s workshop to make an initial draft of the policy, which we are presenting today,” said Charmaine Scotty, Minister for Women’s Affairs. “The goal of the policy is to advance and improve the quality of the lives of Nauruan women by ensuring they have access to opportunities for equal participation.”

Today’s workshop will further develop the ideas put forward at the first National Women’s Policy workshop, said ADB Nauru team leader Milovan Lucich. “Both workshops will establish a joint platform for the sharing of information and knowledge in relation to the upcoming policy,” he said.

At the conclusion of today’s workshop the policy will be further refined and presented to cabinet for their consideration in the first quarter of 2014.

Businesswomen, mothers, police, media, teachers, civil society, and government officials, among others, are participating in today’s workshop.