A city must provide housing to all its residents if it is to be called livable. Are cities in Asia and the Pacific livable from this perspective? Most cities in the lower- and middle-income countries in Asia and the Pacific face severe housing challenges. The urban poor and informal settlers suffer the most as they have no choice but to live substandard houses. The conventional channels of housing delivery are failing to address the surging demand. The scale and pace of urbanization and population growth pose additional stress on the already scarce urban housing supply.

In its Strategy 2030, ADB has committed to responding effectively to the needs of its developing member countries to achieve a prosperous, inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Asia and the Pacific. Among its operational priorities, Operational Priority 4: Making Cities More Livable (OP4) focuses on, among others, affordable housing as a key area to support its developing member countries on project financing, knowledge generation, and capacity building in the housing sector. This aligns very well with ADB’s goal to making cities more livable. For information on ADB’s housing initiatives and emerging trends in the region, you may download the following publications: Adequate and Affordable Housing: Enhancing ADB’s Support to Developing Member Countries, Creating Livable Asian Cities, and The Housing Challenge in Emerging Asia: Options and Solutions.

ADB is privileged to host the 1st Asia-Pacific Housing Conference (AHC) 2022 on "Making Housing Affordable, Inclusive, and Resilient."


The AHC 2022 aims to:

  • facilitate peer-to-peer learning from successful models and practices in the housing sector;
  • discuss innovations and best practices to adopt as well as lessons and pitfalls to avoid for an affordable, inclusive, and resilient housing sector, especially for the vulnerable groups; and
  • bring in regional and international best practices to support this agenda.

Target participants

AHC 2022 is open for all. It encourages participants interested in the housing sector from ADB’s member countries, regional and international development partners, the private sector, research and academic institutions, civil society, among others.

Speakers and moderators

An impressive group of eminent speakers have agreed to join the event. View the full list of conference speakers and moderators.

How to register

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There is no registration fee.

Event organizers / partners

  • ADB Urban Sector Group
  • ADB Finance Sector Group
  • ADB Public-Private Partnership Thematic Group
  • ADB Governance Thematic Group
  • ADB Private Sector Operations Department

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