2013 Asia Dialogue: A Trans-Pacific Discussion of Best Practices in Pension Fund Investment and Risk Management

Event | 11 November 2013 Auditorium Zone D, ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines, 8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


The 2013 Asia Dialogue at the ADB headquarters in Manila, Philippines will feature candid, in-depth discussions of shared challenges and best practices across a range of governance, management and operational issues critical to effective pension fund management. Program sessions will emphasize the realities that emerging market pension funds in the region continue to face five years after the near global meltdown in capital and financial markets. The program concludes with each fund representative identifying areas for the continued development of their fund's best practices. Each delegate is expected to participate in the Dialogue, speaking from his/her perspective and the perspective of the fund on the topic at hand.


Each session begins with one participant who is asked to set the stage for that dialogue, followed by two to three lead delegates, each of whom will take three to five minutes to provide an overview from their fund's perspective. Together with the "stage setter", the co-chairs and the lead delegates will initiate the roundtable conversation with the objective of sharing respective best practices and in the course of that discussion, identifying what could be universal best practices. These discussions then form the basis for each delegate's scorecard review.

Target participants

ADB staff, as well as invited representatives from the development community, private sector, and civil society.