The policy dialogue aims to facilitate regional integration through infrastructure development and trade, and build Pacific Island countries’ capacity to develop renewable energy by sharing their ideas, knowledge, and experiences.


Asian economies have grown rapidly over the past 2 decades and account for an increasing share of global investment, production, and trade. The Pacific Island countries have benefitted from that growth, and their economic ties with Asia have strengthened while those with the Americas and Europe have weakened in most cases. Much more can be done to deepen integration between Asia and the Pacific through better trade facilitation, bilateral and regional partnerships, and interregional transport and telecommunications infrastructure.

Growth in the Pacific would also benefit from domestic policies that support private sector development and job creation. Some needed reforms are improving labor mobility, restructuring state-owned enterprises, developing renewable energy, adapting to climate change, and promoting regional connectivity through infrastructure development and trade.

The 2-day conference, co-organized by ADBI, ADB’s Pacific Department, University of the South Pacific, and Australian National University will focus on two objectives:

  • Generate policy dialogue on inclusive growth for enhanced resilience in Pacific Island countries
  • Share with government officials recent research and analysis of Pacific economies to foster dialogue on effective economic policies and regional integration. ADBI is organizing a dedicated session and inviting regional experts and government officials to exchange views on the opportunities and challenges facing renewable energy prospects in the Pacific.


The conference aims to gather policy makers and development practitioners from the Pacific Island countries to exchange views on promoting regional connectivity by developing trade and infrastructure. The conference will feature case studies from the participating Pacific Island countries on renewable energy projects, which may include potential challenges and opportunities for other developing economies in the region.


200 participants including 40 international participants funded jointly by ADBI, ADB, ANU, and USP.

Participant responsibilities

Active participation in discussions, networking, and brainstorming new approaches and understanding on policy issues facing the Pacific Island countries.


  • Better understanding of how Pacific Island countries can tackle their shared economic challenges and better capabilities to meet them
  • Greater awareness of fundamental issues related to regional connectivity, trade, infrastructure development, state-owned enterprise reforms, and disaster-risk management
  • Promotion of realistic policies when using both traditional and alternative methods of energy generation to fuel economic growth
  • Enhanced dialogue and networking in Pacific developing member countries to facilitate working-level integration

How to register

By invitation only.




ADB, Australian National University, University of the South Pacific.

Time of event

08:00 - 17:30

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