The Vulnerable 20 (V20) was established in October 2015 to strengthen and promote economic and financial cooperation and action to address climate change risks and opportunities and to facilitate the transition to a low carbon, resilient global economy. Membership of the V20 has now reached 43 countries, including 18 developing member countries of ADB. In support of its objectives, the V20 adopted a 5-year Action Plan in 2015 to address V20 climate finance needs and unlock the full potential of vulnerable countries to pursue climate action, enhance security, maximize co-benefits and opportunities, and in doing so, inspire others around the world. The V20 is also seeking to enhance financial resilience against climate and disaster risks at national and regional levels, including disaster risk pooling at the supranational and subnational level. UNDP hosts a global support project, the V20 Secretariat, to assist the V20.

The regional consultation on 8-10 March is intended to support the roll out of the V20 Action Plan, and to move forward the financial protection agenda in particular. The event will provide an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience among peers in support of enhanced climate finance capabilities, as well as to discuss next steps in the implementation of the V20 Action Plan. The event is being supported by the V20 Secretariat, ADB, the World Bank and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery.


During the event, participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Share and exchange existing climate finance best practice, highlights and successes as well as identifying climate finance challenges, gaps, needs and local/regional specificities;
  • Present and discuss regional results from V20 national climate finance experience structured questionnaires;
  • Further cement collaborations between V20 members and financial, knowledge and assistance partners critical to national climate change action and disaster risk financing;
  • Identify options and contribute to responses that address climate finance challenges/needs going forwards;
  • Input into the deliberations of the V20 Ministerial Dialogue, Focus Groups and other engagements at global level.

Target participants

  • Representatives from V20 member ministries of finance from Asia and the Pacific together with V20 Focus Group Co-Chairs;
  • International and regional development banks;
  • Knowledge and collaboration partners from international organizations, industry/business and civil society;
  • International, regional and national technical experts.

Event organizers and partners

  • V20 Secretariat
  • ADB
  • World Bank Group and the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR)

How to register

Conference sessions are either open to all participants, by invitation only, or for V20 officials only. Please refer to the program.

Event Contact

  • Benson, Charlotte Principal Disaster Risk Management Specialist, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management Division Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department Asian Development Bank +632 632 6359 E-mail contact form