2019 IAFICO Annual Conference: Global Forum for Financial Consumers

Event | 19 - 20 August 2019
Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Financial inclusion continues to advance in Asia as a result of enabling government policies, financial sector activities, the development of new technologies and business models, and effective stakeholder coordination at a national level. Yet, the quality of financial access in the region in terms of product and service usage and range often remains inadequate, affected by challenges such as account dormancy, over-indebtedness, gender-based access barriers, low financial literacy among vulnerable people, and financing gaps for small businesses.

Rapid developments in financial technology (fintech) could contribute substantially to financial inclusion. At the same time, fintech presents many challenges to consumer protection due to its potential for opacity, fraudulent use, and over-borrowing. All of these issues point to the need for informed regulation that protects consumers and maintains financial stability while enabling beneficial financial innovation.

The IAFICO is a global communication platform for scholars, regulators, and practitioners to present their latest research and share insights about protection for financial consumers as well as international development cooperation in finance.

This conference will examine the potential of financial technology to advance financial inclusion, changing consumer protection and regulatory needs, and emerging opportunities for greater international development cooperation in finance. The focus areas will include evolving consumer behavior, business ethics and best practices of financial institutions, regulatory safeguards, and financial education.

  • Stimulate policy dialogue and research on financial inclusion, regulation and education
  • Promote the implementation of measures that improve the quality of financial access in Asia

100 policy makers and experts

  • Publication of ADBI working papers and/or a special journal issue
  • Research dissemination and outreach program
How to register

By invitation only.

  • International Association for Financial Consumers (IAFICO)
  • SKK University, Korea
  • Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia